Shadows to Light

For participants of the Sendero Federal Reentry program and the Adelante Federal Diversion program

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Love of Wisdom

The Love of Wisdom project aims to cultivate the intellectual potential of people, youth in particular, in the El Paso-Juarez-Chihuahua region. We are dynamically developing and implementing a philosophy and art based STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) curriculum to aid in the youth’s success in school and to prepare them for a college education, strong vocational careers, and rich life-long learning attitudes. The aim is to offer students a path to success by using their love for exploration of exciting puzzles via science exhibits, by appraising and cultivating their talents/skills.

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Love of Learning (LoL) and Love of Wisdom (LoW) Out-of-School Camps

The Science Engineering Mathematics Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) and the Philosophic Systems Institute (PSI) are partnering to present the Love of Learning (LoL) morning Out-of-School Program. Using an engaging and integrative hands-on STREAM (Science, Technology, Reasoning, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics ) curriculum the LoL programs offers youth an integrative approach to learning with complex narratives that allow youth to use their talents and interest to engage in the scientific and philosophic exploration of the nature of space-time. The Love of Wisdom camps are a PSI only camp in the afternoons, where we will engage in deep narrative and logic development while we visit our downtown museums of History, Art, Science, and the Library

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Logic in Wonderland K/12

In this project we look to create K-12 systems for teaching logic and critical thinking so that students can learn valuable life skills that are expressed in sciences and humanities.

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Food & Kitchen Systems Science

One of our community's current fundamental problems is that, in spite of a seeming abundance of foods, we don't have sufficient access to local organic foods. This project aims to work with community organizations, local municipalities, and other key partners to create & cultivate a system of sustainable food practices using our best science.

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Systemic Justice

In close collaboration with the Sendero Reentry Project, the Shadows to Light aims to provide a systematic educational pathway for incarcerated and soon to be released inmates that weaves creative means of expressions with logical-philosophical skills, to help identify their talents and provide them with fundamental yet practical skills. Our educational curriculum is inspired by the Love of Wisdom project and integrates philosophy and art as a means to creative and problem solving skills.

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Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

An interdisciplinary team examines the open fundamental questions of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory from a philosophical perspective. We focus on the problem of time as a starting point.

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Exhibits Design Team

In close collaboration with the Insights Science Center Education Committee, a team of engineers, artists, scientists, designers, and philosophers work to implement a STREAM based experience at the new home for Insights @ Alamo

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Tree Rings - Organic Time Exhibit @ Alamo

This project is set to create a powerful exposition of dendrochronology via the Sequoia Tree Ring exhibit at Insights. A team of scientists, artists, and educators will create a powerful experience of measuring time through ancient living organisms, trees.

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SPORES - Modular Science Centers (MSC)

A team of scientists, engineers, artists, philosophers, and tinkerers work together to design and build centers for the discovery and investigation of some of the most significant ideas in science. These modular science centers will work with the interdisciplinary curriculum developed in the Love of Wisdom and Love of Learning Projects: SPORES

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Friday Night Films

There are many ways of expressing ideas, for over one hundred years, film has been a powerful venue for artists to create powerful narratives and experiences. Every Friday at Currey @ Adkins, in collaboration with the Insights Science Center, we will have an opportunity to watch quality films and have a discussion.

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Web, Social Media, & Outreach Team

This team works on the institute's design, development, and outreach through psi's website, social media outlets and overall PR and marketing.

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Sun City Cycling Systems

Sustainability is not about just maintaining a way of life, rather is about promoting active personal growth and development of individuals. We at the Philosophic Systems Institute (Psi), a non-profit organization, focus on dynamic systems. This is why we believe that the biological and psychological well-being of the citizens of El Paso are intertwined with the growth and development of the economic, social and natural environment of the city.

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Adventures in Spacetime

This project develops the narrative and artwork for Iggy and friends's storyline.

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