Purpose and Aim

The Philosophic Systems Institute aims to create a space for creative minds to join and network to solve fundamental problems, one modest project at a time.

“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”
- Socrates

Emerging and Current Projects


Insights Question of Time Project. In collaboration with El Paso Insights Science Center, PSI is developing a modular set of experiments where students (K5-12) can learn about science, mathematics, philosophy, and the humanities in an engaging and pedagogically sound way.

Module A is an experiment where the participants determine the circumference of a model planet, Kronos, using the method used by Eratosthenes to calculate the circumference of the Earth. Using a narrative approach (a lost astronaut, Major Tom, has been stranded on the surface of the planet and needs to get to the other side where a working spaceship is located) the students will be led to solve the problem of find the circumference indirectly. Thus saving Major Tom.

Philosophy of Music: Want to discuss and learn about the nature of music: the physics, aesthetics, philosophy, and art of music? How about a jam session afterwards?

Zeno, Borges, and Infinity: Use the texts of Jorge Luis Borges to tackle problems of paradox within realms of mathematics, science, and metaphysics. Create short stories or media projects that examine and illustrate the problems of infinity in science, mathematics, philosophy, and art

Grant Writing & the Art of Begging Workshop Series: Learn the tricks of a applying for grants and the fundamentals of creating and running a non-profit organization.

Games and Probability Seminar: Explore fundamental questions of probability and life, such as the nature of luck, chance, the gambler’s fallacy, the Monty Hall problem, by examining games of chance. Explore the history and paradoxes behind the ideas of chance and probability. The aim of this seminar is to create a new game of chance that examines the nature of the problems.

Freaked out about the loony 2012 predictions? Don’t be. Instead take the chance to learn the Maya Calendars: What do the Maya calendars really tell us? Study the history, culture, science, and philosophy that guided a powerful civilization to create a sophisticated calendrical system.

Three Interconnected Parts


The Philosophic part entails that the questions and problems we face will be approach with depth and breath of inquiry, philosophically, scientifically, and artistically, that is, cross-disciplinarily. Systems entails that our fundamental approach is to treat entities and interactions as systems. What is a system becomes our key concern.

Institute means three things (the three parts of PSI): the creative space for higher learning and research, the bringing about resolutions to the fundamental problems, and the networking across disciplines and fields to create (institute) better systems

“Philosophy is at once the most sublime and the most trivial of human pursuits. It works in the minutest crannies and it opens out the widest vistas. It ‘bakes no bread,’ as has been said, but it can inspire our souls with courage.” – William James

PSI offers its members a physical (Glasbox) and virtual space (this website) with a chance to work within a creative network that allows access to collaborative opportunities for artistic and academic projects on fundamental questions. What are fundamental questions? They are the questions that a deep engagement with life’s problems brings about, the philosophical questions. Particularly, PSI addresses the questions about the nature of systems, with an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Is there such thing as luck, coincidences, and randomness? Are there infinite or infinitesimal systems? What is the background, if any, for physical systems? What is time and space? How are ideas best represented and mapped? Is mathematics an art? What is justice? What are the best systems of governance and how do we avoid corruption? What is the relationship between science and religion? And many more… PSI is a place to engage in frequent dialogue to expand and deepen pre-existing ideas or notions while forming new connections, both conceptually and practically. Approach the fundamental questions and problems of life with the same adventurous mindset often contained within spontaneous late-night conversations. Enjoy the structure and guidance of seminars, symposia, workshops, without the sterility, and with the hope and inspiration to find new, ethical, and feasible solutions and ideas for the production of concrete visible transformation within the larger community.

PSI is a place where science meets art, philosophy, the humanities, and the fundamental problems in life, with the hope and vision to solve them, one modest project at a time.